Eclipse Roofing

Certified and Insured Roofing Services!

Why should you hire us? We take pride in our years of expertise and qualifications. We have a long list of successfully accomplished projects and satisfied clients; but what really makes us stand out is our dedication and attention to detail. This company is our life vision and the moment you hire us, we want to work with you forever. Nothing makes us more proud than a returning customer.

We are not the cheapest company in the city, nor the biggest. Because of that, we might not be your choice but we don’t take it personally. Our existing clients know that we stay true to our word. We offer our clients professional consultations, responsive customer care and high quality workmanship from beginning of the project and beyond completion.


  • A free estimate made by a professional licensed contractor from the City of Toronto
  • A thorough estimate of your project and property which includes photo and video documentation and diagrams
  • Special attention to the safety of your property (i.e. windows, entrances & outdoor features)
  • An outline of the installation and/or diagnosis of a repair in the form of a written quote
  • Completion of project in a timely manner and property cleared of all materials and debris
  • On completion, a final inspection to ensure every aspect of our job is completed to your satisfaction
  • WARRANTY CERTIFICATE on the materials and workmanship after project completion


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